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Which Beach You Need To See While In Charleston!

If you are vacationing in Charleston, you’ll want to read this breakdown of the popular beaches! Charleston, SC has so many beautiful beach options, it is difficult to know which will suit your trip. In this post we’re comparing and contrasting a few of them so you can have an easier decision!

Three of the closest beaches to Downtown Charleston are Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, and Folly Beach. All have a unique charm and a range of things to do and see!

At Sullivan’s Island, you can see the towering lighthouse and gorgeous homes that line the coast. Wood boarded paths make for easy access to the shore and the perfect photo opportunity! Being the former home to Edgar Allen Poe, Sullivan’s Island has a themed restaurant “Poe’s Tavern” that is popular for both atmosphere and food.

Isle of Palms makes for a luxurious beach experience. If you are looking for a resort experience, you can find it here. Try a new activity or two while you’re here! There are many options including paddleboarding, sailing, golf, and tennis. The impressive Isle of Palms Pier allows you to see far across the ocean and standing under it makes for a great selfie spot!



Drive through James Island to get to Folly Beach from Downtown. Folly has a charming strip of shops and restaurants that will give you that island feel. There are many hidden spots to find for the beach-goer who wants a little more adventure.

We guarantee that whichever beaches you choose to visit on your Charleston vacation will not disappoint!


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