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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does bag storage cost?

Our pay structure is simple. There is daily flat rate of $25/per person which includes one standard sized luggage and one personal item for as long as you need. (Up to 12 hours) There are additional fees for bags that are oversized (golf bags, large suitcases). Group Discount rates are available, contact us for more information.

Do you have a centralized location?

We are a completely mobile business that operates within the greater Chareleston area. We have a secured centralized storage area that is NOT accessible to the public.

Where will you pick up or drop off our bags?

Your BagValet luggage concierge will meet you curbside of your desginated pick-up location, BagValet will secure your items with our customizable tamper-proof locks and will bring to our climate controled warehouse facility. Your luggage will then be returned to you curbside at your pre-selected drop-off time & location.

What if I need my luggage earlier than planned?

We will try to accomodate your request if you happen to have a change in plans! We suggest notifying us within 60 minutes after the start of your reservation to avoid additional fees.

What if I'm late?

Our pick-up window is 15 minutes following your reservation times. Please allow enough time to accommodate this delivery window. Our drivers are instructed to leave after 15 mins and you will be subject to a later pick-up or delivery. If you are late for your Drop-off there is a $5.99 PER 15 minutes waiting fee. In addition, there is a $24.99 after hours fee that goes into effect at 8:00pm. If you are late and can't collect your luggage on time then we can ship it to you. This is charged separately and will include a handling fee. The late fee does not apply to incoming flights/cruises/buses provided you leave us your travel information.

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