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How to Be Prepared for Any Occasion on Summer Vacation

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by packing. Our packing list is for summer vacations that will have you living out of a suitcase for a week or less. This list is for the packing procrastinators, the over-packers, the under-packers, and everyone in between. Our hope is that you won’t have to worry about forgetting necessities or not knowing what to wear on vacation.


Shoes should serve more than 1 purpose! We recommend having 2 pairs

  1. A Cute Sandal: comfortable but can be dressed up

Charleston's Sapphire Boutique has options you'll love!

2. A Casual Sneaker for walking: or swap out for flip flops for beach walks!


  1. 3 Tank Tops/Sleeveless

  2. 2 Short Sleeves

  3. 1 Long Sleeve that opens

Check out these lightweight jackets from Dress Up on King Street!

Style Tip #1: Try 1 patterned tank and 1 patterned short sleeve, while keeping the rest basic with solid colors!


  1. 2 pairs of jeans or other cute pants

We love House of Sage in Downtown Charleston for cute bottoms!

2. 2 pairs of denim shorts or other cute shorts

3. 1 pair of casual bottoms: leggings, joggers, or shorts

Style Tip #2: You can also try swapping a pair of bottoms for a dress or skirt!

Style Tip #3: Create 2 outfits out of a dress by layering over a t-shirt for a casual look


Accessories & Extras

  1. 1 pair of pajamas

Check out the Loungewear collection at Simply J Boutique!

2. 1 pair of sunglasses

3. 1 hat

4. 2 bras

5. Underwear and socks for each day

Style Tip #4: Customize outfits by getting creative with jewelry. The Tiny Tassel downtown has accessories that are perfect for summer!

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