How it works

BagValet makes the process of storing your luggage super convenient. Our daily flat rate fee covers you for the amount of time that you need! When you book with us you will schedule an appointment for pick-up and drop-off  services at a specified time and location. Our BagValet team member will arrive and inventory your items before securing each piece of luggage with a tamper proof lock. You will receive a luggage tag that matches your item and will be required for pick-up. We will then take your belongings to our secured storage facility and you will be on your way hands-free! 

When it comes time for your scheduled drop-off our BagValet team member will arrive at your pre-designated location.  They will allow a 15 minute window for you to reclaim your belongings with your matching luggage ticket. After 15 minutes a late fee will be applied.

*See our FAQ section for more details

  • Need more than 1 day? No Problem!

    24 hr

    $15/daily 2+ day min


Terms & Conditions

1. You represent and warrant that any items that you ask us to handle/store does not contain any illegal drugs or substances, illegal drug paraphernalia, weapons or any other contraband of any kind. 

2. BagValet assumes no responsibility or liability for the following items without advanced notice before booking: Money, Securities, Business Documents, Irreplaceable books or pictures, Electronic equipment, Computers, Jewelry, Watches, Glasses, Heirlooms, Furs, Paintings, Medications, Artwork, or any other similar valuable or fragile items. 

3. In the case of damage or loss, BagValet will compensate the customer up to $200. (NOT EXCEEDING THE COST OF THE PRODUCT). A report must be filed online or in person. Such report must be filed within three days after your drop off time.

Our Company

BagValet is proud to be the first to serve Charleston's travelers with a safe and secure daily luggage storage option. We provide the convenience that you didn't even know you needed! We’re committed to not only providing quality service, but going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. 

Operating Hours

Charleston, SC


Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm
​​Saturday: 8am - 8pm
​Sunday: 8am - 8pm

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